Michigan International Students Society (MISS)

Michigan International Students Society

The Michigan International Students Society (MISS) is the premier international group on the campus of the University of Michigan- Ann Arbor. Founded in early 2012, the Society brings together individuals from all four corners of the world to share their culture and professional networks, and to build lifetime friendships. 

executive board



Hi! I’m a junior majoring in Psychology and minoring in Community Action and Social Change. I’m from Istanbul, Turkey. I’m also a member of Turkish Student Association and Michigan Advertising Club. I love watching international movies, discovering new bands and cooking. I’m so happy to be a part of the MISS family and can’t wait to do great things this year!



 VP of Internal Affairs

Hi! I am currently a sophomore studying Data Science at the College of Engineering. I am from India. I have a passion for renewable energy and sustainability. Apart from this I also like flying (obviously as a pilot) and boxing. MISS is the best way to not only meet international students on campus, but also people who think like you and you feel connected to. It certainly has given me friends for a lifetime!




Hello, hello! I'm Morgan Fitzgerald and I'm a senior studying International Studies with a concentration in Global Health and the Environment and a Food minor in PiTE. I am (obviously) obsessed with food, nature, and exploring new places, and enjoy potlucks, multi-day trekking, rock climbing, kayaking, and basically anything outside. I also Bollywood and belly dance. If I'm in the country, you'll find me eating some strange food and rolling around in the grass in the Diag. 
MISS is a such a wonderful family - can't wait to add you to it! 

Gabriel Davila


VP of Finance

Hi, everyone! I was born and raised in Puerto Rico and spent all my life in the warm weather before coming to Ann Arbor to study. I’m a Sophomore majoring in Business Administration and concentrating in Strategy. Outside of MISS, I’m a brother in Delta Sigma Pi, and I’m also involved in a couple of Business Programs and Clubs for Minority Students. I love traveling and meeting people from different cultures, getting involved and helping the community, sports (especially Michigan Football), and I’m down to anything from going out to staying in and watching movies. Feel free to reach out; I’m really looking forward to keep meeting amazing people through MISS



VP of Operations

Hi everyone! I am Aayushi Mehrotra and I am a junior studying Economics, International Studies & Religion. I have livedin different cities in India and in Abu Dhabi before moving to Ann Arbor. MISS has made a huge difference in my life and given me amazing friends that are so diverse and yet share similar interests. I am interested in fashion & hope to pursue a career in that field. I also enjoy the occasional binge-watching Netflix and trying out different cuisines of the world.



  VP of Engagement

Hi everyone! I am a sophomore majoring in International Studies and minoring in Art and Design. Growing up, I moved around Argentina, Mexico, England, and the States, but currently call Georgia home (as in Atlanta, not Tbilisi). Aside from MISS, I work as a Peer Advisor at the University Career Center, am a brother of Alpha Kappa Psi, and do freelance artwork. I love my family and traveling, and am always down for an adventure. So happy to be a part of the MISS family and, as VP of Engagement, it’s my personal goal to make sure everyone has a blast this year! Feel free to reach out with any questions regarding MISS or anything else!