Michigan International Students Society (MISS)

Michigan International Students Society

The Michigan International Students Society (MISS) is the premier international group on the campus of the University of Michigan- Ann Arbor. Founded in early 2012, the Society brings together individuals from all four corners of the world to share their culture and professional networks, and to build lifetime friendships. 



Founding President & Advisory Council Chair


An Indian citizen, Keshav graduated in May 2014 majoring in Industrial and Operations Research Engineering and minoring in Entrepreneurship. Having traveled to over 45 countries, Keshav is a truly international citizen. 

Since the University of Michigan’s inception in 1817, thousands of international students from over 100 counties have embraced beautiful Ann Arbor as their home. Keshav dreamt to build a society with the vision to bring these ambitious, passionate and successful internationals together to celebrate the spirit of internationalism and build a home-away-from-home in Ann Arbor.

Keshav founded Michigan International Students Society on October 17th, 2012 with the goal to celebrate the different cultures and traditions of the world amongst its members and larger society in Ann Arbor.

Keshav yearns for MISS to leave a legacy and a mark not only in Michigan but globally. Keshav’s dream for MISS is being realized through building unity within diversity every semester.


To connect with Keshav, email him at gvkeshavreddy@gvk.com or tweet him at https://twitter.com/GVKjunior!